Monday, August 07, 2006


My post comment to the Alternet article
"Lobbying for Armageddon
Sarah Posner, AlterNet"

Article on literalists evangelists eg Pastor John Hagee, politicians
and "foreign" policy. Duck, cover and duct tape.

My Post:


Well, its about time we are having a discussion like this!

And folks, it doesn’t look good. With the present gang of leaders we have, including the Iranians…… we are in deep SH#@. People don’t seem to realize this or have come to terms with this.

These leaders, Iran included, are beholden to their political bases ,their agendas and notions. You want further evidence:

The administration must have known the eschatology of the Iranians from the transition period ( if they didn’t know before) The CIA could not have made such an oversight. And of course our dutiful “free” American corporate press, scratch that , corporate stenographers never gave the US/ Western public a heads-up on these aspects of the Iranian, having received no dictations to do so.

It seems to me , if your objective is a peaceful middle east, and you are armed with all this intel, then the prudent sequence of events would be; take the cosy-up of the Iranians in 2002, try to arrange a popular over throw of those clerics with their eschatology, ( there are clerics who want State/mosque separation), then democratize Iraq, and try to do it without “shock and awe”. Was this stupidity or worst yet intentional stupidity because these folks are beholden to…….

Then to make matters worst, they enter Iraq with all sort of religiosity perspective, Senators visiting ancient religious sites, not carrying plans to build civil society in Iraq, and then wonder why we are having a sectarian outcome there?

Yes folks, we are in deep stuff because of these literalists. Recall Chernobyl, Irish kids couldn’t drink local milk for how long.? It’s all our problem. WE have to take some hard look at out political leaderships.

And our “press”......... too bad the public can’t charge them with treason, for the dis-service they have done and continue to do.


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