Thursday, July 27, 2006

POST 2: NSA and other "Advanced Technologies": AND AS ITEM SUPPORTING DOSSIER

To Crimes and Corruptions
May 13 2006

Article: The NSA's 'Brave New World'

You are up in arms about NSA monitoring your phone-calls!

What kind of Alice-in-Wonderland, sugar-coated, Disneyland fairy tale crap is this!

Who is the target audience here. Surely it is not the educated , informed demographics? It most be the under 6yrs demographics ( and in some areas that would be the under 3yrs demographics).

They have SATELLITE microwave systems that can read your mind for crying out loud! Gimme a break ( and a brake) GET REAL. The minute you guys get real those neocons ( emphasis on con) they are out of office under HIGH TREASON.

They are trampling on centuries of Western development. Tally how many humans have died since before the French Revolution, through to the American Revolution to World War II, to establish into the fabric of our civilization and cultures this supreme notion of individual rights and respect for the individual just to have these criminals trample on all of that!

Then to add insult to injury you got the criminals by the balls, then complain about NSA and phone calls ,while pretending you don't have the criminals by the balls. What kind of fairytale, scratch that,; what kind of diabolical crap is this!!


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