Thursday, July 27, 2006


Let us assume the Bush Admin had all the intel . They knew the eschatology
of the Iranian Mullahs. I certainly didn’t know this. None of our vaunted
“news” corporate services gave us a heads-up on this. The intel told the Bush Admin that the Iranians were seeking nuclear weapons . In fact , Clinton sold them some blueprints. Yes , you don’t have to blink, you eyes saw correctly. See
Guardian, Thursday January 5, 2006 article by James Risen.

Hence common sense tells you: that type eschatology and nukes is a bad mixture if peace is your real objective. In 2002 Iran made some overtures. The Bush Admin should have accepted Iran's overtures of 2002, get a smoothing-over going on, use its technology to ferment a secular coup d'etat, THEN do Iraq, and do it properly. There are mullahs in Iran who want a State-Mosque separation.

Why didn't the Bush Admin do it this way if they had the intel? I suspect Bush Admin was/is mesmerized by the AA. No, not Alcoholics Anonymous but Armageddon Anonymous. Conflict of interest, and AA won out. Or they could be just stupid, or both.

What to do now? Without a separation of state and religion coup d'etat in Iran , which some Mullahs want, we are in DEEP stuff. And now, that coup d'etat is much less likely to happen. Anyone anti-mullah will be branded as pro-Israeli/US. Still try for the coup d'etat and drop their AA stuff.

The logic seems, fake intentional stupidity because of AA. Some further tea leaves? Read my post “Team loading the dice” with Clinton-Bush.

Incidentally, after experiencing the extensive news, analysis and opinion sources on the net, I can't believe that I use to belirve that those "news" sources were actually giving us news.


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