Thursday, July 27, 2006

POST 3: Those Technologies are not !@%$ !:AND AS ITEM SUPPORTING DOSSIER

My post to:
Crimes and Corruption

The question was: Am I a !#$% for talking about those technologies when
author thought the major crime was election stealing

My answer/ reply post

I am not a !#$%. Tom Pain was no !#$%. I am passionate and enraged at what is happening in this the beginning of the 21st Century. The European Parliament is considering bans on such technology. They do not debate the hallucinations of !#$% in the EU Parliament. To those American "press" people who refuse to bring the US Gov. usage of that technology to light, it is fortunate that they were not around in the 1770's else there would be no USA, no "We hold these truths.." This must be the Revenge of the King Georges viz. the present one.

But then again I then remembered I had figured out why they are not doing this, assaulting the government on this technology. Its like J R R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Those satellites are probably in a low earth orbit and travel in rings around the earth, maximizing coverage. These are like the forbidden Ring (symbols or imagined actualities of power) And just like in the novel/movie everyone wants a go at it.

But this is where the analogy ends. The novel/movie had a Frodo to throw the ring back into the volcano. The present-day Frodo would have to have an A-sat ( anti-satellite missile) to shoot those satellites down. Or better yet a group of American or other civilized people standing on principle or just cause, can be the Frodo and bring that technology down legally.

We must all remember Anonymous who said something to the effect " Power corrupting and absolute power or even the thought of it corrupting..." How could anonymous have gotten so many things right so many times.

But no one out there is doing the job that needs to be done per the illegal tools of King George of America. The illegal NSA activities is just one such illegal tool. There is no Big-Mo behind getting to the statutory violation on NSA, those satellites, or even the collapse of WWTC 7 where someone stands to gain atleast $3.35 billion dollars


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