Friday, July 28, 2006


This was the title of an article by Chris Hodges in Alternet July 19 2006
The Hamas, Hezbollah, Israeli conflagration engulfing the Middle East.

A comment was made that Congress cut funding to Israel and an era of peace was ushered in.

"Since that moment, since that decision, there has been absolutely no terrorist activity anywhere in the world. If anyone told any of us a year ago that the entire Arab and Islamic world would be celebrating in the streets and waving American flags, we would have all thought they were insane."

My, "and now, back-to-reality" comment was:


Yep, sounds nice except for AA.

And no, I am not talking Alcoholics Anonymous, but Armageddon Anonymous.

The Bush Admin and their Right winger want a Christian AA, or an Illuminati Skull & Bones neocon Conspiracy Theory false-flag AA, (some Christians can do just fine with a symbolic AA, no genocides or genocidic destruction required, very few elected), the Jews want their AA, and the Muslims their AA.

I think what we really have here is a three sided square or.... something like that. I don't think we even have a dream. We have the worst crop of global political leader since the late 1930s-1940s. Look what that crop gave up.
This crop is giving us , and shall give us even worse; until "We the People"
get savvy, stand up to the rascals, and TURN-THEM-OUT!

Let the summons be served and the Tribunals begin. The crimes are piled high and deep [CPhd].

And note this AA isn't anything like the other AA. The other one is post-addiction, and you can remain anonymous. For this one, and for those in "high" policy making decision-making circles, you remain anonymous as to your decision-making basis, and must have a portfolio of "plausible-deniabilty" cover(s).

Then let me add this: you might want to give one of those tragic, haunting,
at the edge of a sanity Sisyphus laugh when you hear the rest.

Who did the slight of hand with the new to the job Carter in placing Khomeini in power? Yes Khomeini and his eschatology? British Petroleum and the elites. See

Did you know that Hamas is Menachem Begins’ child? [See Hamas, Son of Israel Justin Raimondo]
Begin wanted a way around the secularist PLO and their Soviet masters, in his view. Didn’t believe ole Ronnie did you Menacham when he said they( the Soviets) are history? But you believed his money when it came to…” What were you thinking Menachem ? Or maybe you were NOT thinking? Were you looking for guaranteed conflict or a better way to peace? Or maybe you were REALLY thinking? Hum.. Menachem?

And then your government brethrens didn’t even have the courtesy to give some acknowledgement to your Hamas son which looked like a mistake, by now. Didn’t give them a save-face- turning- around space. Not a break. Could have said (backdoor) “ Hamas you can always you acknowledge Israel , to that effect, and state you have the right to declare a state of war or hostilities at any time you want. Honorable? Right?” By the time this peace process is on its way, the Palestinian middle class will be back in the saddle.

Not even that. Agendas(?) to pursue. Started that laugh yet folks.
Real deep tragic stuff here folks.

But enough of looking back, we have a mess to dig ourselves out of on the principle of reverence for human life and human potential, NO MATTER WHAT.

WE have to do some hard political thinking and talking to!



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