Thursday, July 27, 2006


A post about the Matrix Trilogy Movies and the present Real life

My post:

And the notion of a Matrix is not too far off. Did you know that the US Gov. and their Western "partners" and maybe even "free-floating " interests have, what I suspect are satellite-based technologies that can influence minds (neurons) and read minds?

This, in the hands of what are really savages still at the catapult mentality.
If left unchecked or unchallenged, a Matrix might still just be built. The foundation technology is already in place. But this time it won't be machines in charge as in the Movie Trilogy, it will be plutocrats. And we won't necessarily be asleep (in comas), although they can invade our dreams at will. We will (could) be all walking around, fully aware of their presence, knowing that they are there and can make us make decisions, more often to suit their goals and agendas, and no one can challenge them because the Matrix is already in place, and the tools of oppression, the Mr. Smiths, in the form of technologies and people are in place to detect and "deal with" dissenting individual rights, human dignity voices.


My further reply:

I hear what you are saying as to your view on the Matrix. But what I am speaking of is VERY real and growing . They are spending 10’s -100’s of billions of dollars on the technology an are refining its capabilities at an exponential rate They don’t spend big money like that to have it flutter away..

Here is a 101 site
( 101 means freshman, 1st year of university course is the US…just should in case)

There are thousands of admitted victims in the US and worldwide. I suspect the gov(s) are experimenting and refining their field techniques. They are involving communities as part of their social control and distraction program . Reinforcing all sorts of negative non-Christ-like behaviors towards others and similar non-Christ-like attitudes.

And the saddest part is that many Churches and “religious “people know about it and turn a blind eye or even participate. They think they have a free-taxpayers ride since all the Gov/politicians have to do is wave a religious flag despite behaviors to the contrary.

And how do the “beyond the law and beyond international law” plutocrats get in on it

This is how I suspect they do it. Course 506 ( Graduate level)
Click the article by Morart , the second one down.

Here you will read how Admiral Bobby Inman ( Reagan Admin fame and of the Carlyle Group) is in charge of the Deep Space Program of JPL which was hijacked into secrecy and that the military is calling the shots (it appears). All Inman has to say is:

“ This is a military satellite ask no questions you will get no answer ; it is classified. Top secret” But of course the satellite belongs to the whatever conspiracy group of the Admiral

This thing is B-I-G its R-E-A-L and we should/must not hide from it.

As to the alleged media: the propaganda and blinders it is used to put on the “masses”, I can’t believe that I use to think that those press conferences stenographers ( no stereotypes intended) were actually giving me news. They only, or can only, practice their craft in novels; for those who still remember what that is suppose to be.

Food for thought.


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