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POST 5: Stronger case than NSA Spying : AND AS ITEM SUPPORTING DOSSIER

Question: Impeach Bush on NSA Spying Charges?

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My anwer:

The stronger case is that of what Bush is doing to thousands of people with those microwave or scalar EM (?) weapons being takgeted at the minds and lives of these victims.

Its the sort of stuff they wanted go after Mengele for But Mengele escaped to Brazil/ Argentina. Whta is Bus's and those folk's escaope? Read below. Beware you are also guilty.


What is the analogy between the situation in North Korea and the situation in the USA and the other Western Democracies? Can any one see the analogy?

In North Korea, the political class ( intelligentsia if you will) cannot debate or mention their country’s nuclear weapon/ missile program its leader/leadership has chosen to embark upon while its population starves.

In the USA and the other Western Democracies , their political class cannot or refuses , or thinks it cannot mention much less openly debate, the many hi-tech
Microwave/scalar electromagnetics black-ops programs the USA Government and other governments of these Western democracies have embarked upon.
Programs in violation of individual rights. In violation of constitutions. Programs with no legal due process of law. Programs that no lawmaker would ever even think of introducing a bill to do legally because they know before hand just how wrong and immoral these programs are, and for which they could never find open support, except for maybe among skin-heads, Nazis and the like.

And these Western political classes are just like the North Koreans. Silent and in step. Outwardly in step and maybe inwardly, who knows. Closed to a similar group-think. They both refuse to discuss/confront their respective governments as each of these governments embarks on its own different form of madness.

It is no doubt that the political class in North Korea lives in fear. If the political class in the USA and the Western democracies also live in fear, they only have to organize themselves en mass to throw this yoke off. The longer they wait the harder it will become as those wielding the yoke become more entrenched, their systems of control more pervasive , more top heavy and more reinforced.
The growing evil will only make the rot deeper, and the rot of your souls deeper, the longer you wait

For the North Koreans it is probably too late for them to remove their yoke without external assistance. For us , it is not yet too late.

The North Korea situation also illustrates how serious and committed the USA yoke wielders are. These same microwave/ scalar EM weapons can surely take out a missile especially in the launch phase since the weapons are mainly satellite based, I suspect. Yet, the US Government/Bush Administration are willing to spend billions of dollars on a missile based anti-missile system just to be able to keep those microwave/scalar EM weapons classified and thus their nefarious black ops programs against their own populations , and others, classified, using these as tools of enslavement for their grip on power.

This is how committed they are to their enslavement program. Billions for a useless camouflage just to ensure those weapons for their enslavement programs.



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