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Now, I am not from the DARPA community. I have never seen any
of these HIGHY classified specs on these systems , so strictly speaking the title should read ; "PROPOSITION : THE PROPOSED PHYSICS OF......"

I can speak with some informed insight as my background is in physics and mathematics B. Sc. If any technical person spots a flaw in my deduction, please post a comment, or drop an email.

No UFO, Rosewel reverse-engineering or black oblisk is required for
these systems. Just some, good ol'e, hard, creative Yankee ingenuity but politically mis-used, as usual, as unfortunately is so often the case.

The Analyis:

The radiation I suspect they are using is microwave EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation. Dr Kilde, in her article [ Click, Archives /Under Document ,Click Microwave Mind Control, Article by Dr R.. Kilde, MD] she states:” using 0.75 milliwatt per square centimeter intensity of pulse
modulated microwaves at a frequency of 450MHz..”

Let me go over some nomenclature to make sure everyone gets the technical jargon.
G – means giga 109 times . Example, a 2 GHz frequency means 2 x 109 vibrations per
second or 2 x 109 Hz (Hertz)
k – means kilo 106 times
m – means milli 10-3 or 1/1000
n - means nano 10-9

Microwaves are EMF just like radio waves but of a different frequency. Officially, microwaves are of the range 1 GHz to 300 GHz which translates to a wavelength of 30 cm to 1 millimeter (mm) respectively.

I suspect they are capable of manipulating individual neurons or small compact groups of neurons. The diameter of a neuron is about 4mm. So microwaves of about 200 -300 GHz will just about have the wavelength of the same size of a neuron and thus can be used to “see” or resolve neurons.

For example, a microscope uses light (which is also EMF) with wavelength about 500nm and so a microscope can resolve objects down to the size of 100 – 200 nm. An electron microscope uses electrons with a wavelength of about 0.01 nm and so can resolve even smaller objects down to a size of about .5 nm

So we see the pattern: the wavelength and the object has to be of the same order of size. For the microwaves and neurons this is 1mm and 4mm respectively. This will do.

The next item in support of my “200 -300GHZ Microwave “Theory” ”is that, when the hurricane Ivan struck, under the tens of miles of thick cloud cover, they were still able inflict those so targeted with “vivid dreams”.

[see Greg Szymanski as having "super vivid dreams” as an indicator of the presence of this technologye; others –“electronic weaponry geared at interrupting normal sleep”]

Microwaves above 300 GHz will be easily absorbed by the atmosphere [ see Wikipedia – Microwaves] then the atmosphere starts to allow through higher EMF in the infrared band and above, example light. These experiences with Iva's clouds indicate that the radiation used has to be beloww about 300GHz, if it is not infared. And infared has its own easily detectable problems ( for the users) such as heating and TV remotes. So I 'd say its microwaves about or below 300GHz

As to the physics of how they manipulate actual neurons this is what I think is happening: It is a phenomenon of physics that when a coherent source of EMF is sufficiently intense ( high energy per unit area) a strong electric field is produced . This electric field can then open or close sodium channels of the neurons switching them on or off as required. Then to make the whole system work to produce say a intelligible picture by exciting a particular region of your visual cortex, super massive supercomputing is required, as Dr Kilde stated. Do this to neuron in the visula cortex of the brain and you see images as when you dream. Do it to the auditory section , you hear "inner" voices, etc.

Then to "read" your mind and to have a feedback loop in monitoring what they are doing, a phased array anlysis of the weak return signal is used. Kind of like Doppler radar, but not quite.

They don't "read mind" using your electrical EEG signal as some think. Their microwave ( maser actually) is like a almost passive probe athat uses phased array analysis to decode the return microwave information. They could use the same system to read a DVD, and with the right software they could reconstruct at their end, the music on a audio cassett that is just laying around.The technology is like Wow! But look what they are doing with it!

Here is that site:

that supports my “phased array analysis”.

Next is the matter of detecting those 200 – 300 GHz microwave. The microwaves used for cooking ( microwave ovens) is about 2.45 GHz. So detectors used for detecting microwave leakage from such ovens are likely not to work for what we want. Cell phones and wireless LANS use microwaves of these lower frequencies. So again they may not be of much use. You will have to actually build the equipment for these 200 – 300 GHz microwaves.

First, try sourcing military electronics manufactures who may have actual detectors for that frequency microwaves. These detectors may be “tunnel detectors” or “diode detectors” or some other type. Then you will have to design a circuit that will give you a signal ( a beep or sound) when those microwaves are detected by the detector. You can use the detectors to surround and shield the circuit, so before they can use their beam to manipulate or damage your circuit.[DempseyB8 a victim, said: “ ..the perps have played games with my electrical voltmeter”] I suspect they can “play” with the programming on your computer directly from (Langley?) going through those said satellites.

The only problem with the detector and circuit suggested is that they may “reach” the circuit before it has a chance to respond. So the circuit has to be simple, quick and foolproof. The detector causes something to physically fall etc… fortunately they can’t alter gravity. Not at yet anyway, but I’m sure they are working on it. And then you will need a 200 -300 GHz transmitter to test that everything does actually work. If you know someone or have contacts in an engineering firm, or in the Physics or Engineering department of a University, I am sure they will help you.

Theoretically they could/ may also be using infrared radiation. But Wikipedia says these can be detected using cheap digital cameras. The infrared will leave a bright white glow on the picture. I don’t think they are using any other form of exotic radiation. These are too hard to control. But the may be working on it.

Speaking of “working on it” let me say how I suspect this diabolical piece of technology came about. As Einstein said: “ Every thing has changed except Man himself” The technology itself is not diabolical, it is what Man ( politicians) have chosen to do with it that is diabolical. Instead of cell phones we could be having mind-to-mind communications. The secrets of artificial intelligence could have been mastered by now. Advances in neurology, neuro-psychiatry as a new branch of science… the list goes on; but we all know what they have consciously chosen to do: “Lets go for the power-trip power hegemony instead!!! The Constitution, International Laws & Conventions, classic human decency, be damned! Lets hit the "super freeway (highway)" to our Napoleonic dreams ”

This is how I suspect the “ super freeway” came about: Back in the late 1950’s to 1960’s they ( eg DARPA) was designing and building a new type of radar to detect and track any possible incoming Soviet nuclear warheads. They were called phased array radar and sites were built in Alaska ( that one I know about). The resolution of these radars is so great, that they could stay in Washington, say, and spot a golf ball over Seattle. Then someone got the “bright idea”: “ Hey, if we use microwaves instead , they are short enough, then with the resolution of those phased array technology we could stay in space and STILL “see” individual neurons.” And the rest is their history, and other peoples nightmares and shattered lives. Then Bush 41 being a former CIA head knew where all these technologies were buried, what they were being used to do and had a hell‘ava scheme for using it.

And how did all this come to me? I was waching this program on cable, someone speaking about the capabilies of the X-band radars. He mentioned the Seattle story. I already knew about those properties of lasers. My little mind just put 1+1 together, "That's how they do it!"

There is also the poassibility that the are using the above with even more advanced stuff called scalar electrtomagnetics. This one they don't even teach in college. You can have a Phd in Physics, and would have never heard of that topic. Speak about HIGHLY CLASSIFIED.


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