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Martin Luther King Jr.
A Christian Conscience in Action
"A Drum Major for Justice"
Still Our Man For All Seasons

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Martin: A Christian Character of Guidance for these The Days

This too has been in circulation.

Martin : A Christian Character of Guidance for these The Days

We in this tumultuous modern world can all look upon Martin Luther King Jr. as a contemporary role model of what a Christian conscience looks like in action as it engages the challenges of our modern time. In him we can visible see the range of things that a Christian conscience would do and would not do. We see the expectation standard to which a Christian conscience should be held to. And our challenges, circa 2009 , are even more complex than what Martin had to experience. But the principles and guidance remains there.

Martin Luther King Jr. – A Christian Conscience in action.
“A Drum Major for Justice”

This guidance comes from his character; the character he manifested in the world we saw him in, the character we imagined and projected that would be there.

If asked “ Do you see Martin as having one human-rights-abuse bone in his body?” Your answer wound be an immediate “No!” We just cannot conceive of a Martin involved in any sort of human rights abuse for any reason. This would just not be consistent with the character of the man we knew. Could we conceive of Martin getting involved in any under-handed CIA/KGB-like dirty tricks just to advanced the cause he was so passionately fighting for?

Could we see him arranging to say harass and goad some poor white of his time just so that he could get a “photo-op” ? The answer again would be “No!” Such was the integrity of character, the Christian integrity of character we perceived in him. And after how many tens of decades for such dirty–tricks examples we have watched reinforced in our movies, our sit-coms, our politics our secret-services, our every day lives, boardroom and others, how many can still hold to that standard as we knew was in Martin?

As with Jesus, Martin’s guide in this world, how many of us could possible see a Martin applying a litmus test as to whose rights he would champion and defend?

“No, only Blacks or people of this particular denomination, or this particular point of belief or these particular socio-economic group I will defend as to their full human rights!”

No. We cannot conceive of such a Martin. In fact the Martin we knew defended the rights of Appalachian poor whites, some of the same who in their error would discriminate against Blacks. He did the same for Native Indians and others so victimized and oppressed; as would the guide he followed, and that was the Martin we knew.

Then comes these days, these Times of Days….. days that would see innocent private citizens being victimized by extra-legal, extra-constitutional directed energy technology and ‘programs”, how would you project the Martin we knew would react to such events? The same pattern of reaction he manifested before.

He would be giving a resounding “ No! This is wrong! The conscience given to me by my Master, Leader and Guide will not allow me to acquiesce to such effrontery not even for one second. He gave of Himself precisely so that we would never ever have to do this again. Much less do it in His name or for His name!!” A resounding no.

And there are clear thinking Pastors out there still say in the exact same things as would a Martin. “Be there “signs” or be there not “signs” they say, “We are going to remain on the correct side of those signs, as our Master would want us to. Those standards are not going to change because we think “ Theses are the Days”.”

Here are excerpts of a report, the tip of the iceberg, as to what is happening in our Times:
GESTAPO USA: Gov't-Funded Vigilante Network Terrorizes Americaby Scrivener October 6, 2008 at 10:38 am

Vic Livingston is an investigative/business/consumer journalist who has worked for major newspapers, TV stations and magazines, including Fox TV Phila.; NY Daily News; Phila. Bulletin; St. Petersburg Times; CableVision and TV/Radio Age magazines. He hosted the "Sports Business Report" show on New York's Madison Square Garden TV Network from 1998 to 2004. He holds a Masters degree in journalism from Columbia University. He reports and writes about telecommunications, politics, and human rights issues, and is available for special assignment from responsible outlets in print media, internet, and TV.

Pervasive NSA surveillance of the public and journalists just the baseline program for a host of alleged "extrajudicial" abuses -- gang stalking, financial expropriation, and "slow genocide" via radiation weapons and devices.

Congress: probe "targeting" of American citizens by vigilantes hiding behind government-funded programs aimed at terrorists but victimizing innocent citizens . A cause of the crisis in the mortgage and credit markets? [ Victimized cannot meet mortgage payments. An angle for real investigation.]


A virulent form of domestic terrorism is destroying the lives of citizens across America ( and other “Western” countries). Victims of so-called organized "gang stalking" or "community stalking" charge that the rule of law has broken down nationwide at the hands of state-supported vigilantes -- operating under the cover of citizen community policing and neighborhood watch corps and business-related anti-terrorism programs, supplemented by municipal workers and members of private and fraternal organizations.

Many web sites in the U.S., Canada and other industrialized nations chronicle this horror. But victims say the tentacles of this domestic terrorism extend well beyond the so-called "street muscle" comprised of gang-stalking local vigilantes and self-styled soldiers of fortune…

Said a comment: . In the field of thoughts I live in I can't imagine what would motivate anyone to get on the internet and concoct a story just to face ridicule, it's a waste of time, and I see the internet as a way to spread information, warning others of an impending danger- not a place to gain personal validation having people you'll never meet believe you. What I'm saying is I want to tell you and anyone reading this my story and hope you benefit from the heads up, and hope this awareness eventually gets back to benefit me by national peer pressure to stop these goons. But they say the curative process must begin with firm, decisive and immediate action by the new administration before more Americans are damaged by this descent from the rule of law into home-grown fascism.

There are those who are certain that this is all part of a global New World Order Program. Here are some other victims besides those described above :

1. Angelina S*****n
Name: Angelina S****n
Citizenship: Germany.Year Torture/Abuse Began:1986Pg 30 My Horrible Story. The whole thing started in 1986. In this year my parents and I moved from a suburb to the centre of the town of Constanta ( Rumania).

These VIRTUAL DREAMS and the manipulations of my emotions occurred as well in Burma, Laos, Thailand and in Germany. My greatest wish is to be left alone , without torture and manipulation, to live with my spouse in Germany. And that this inhuman irradiation finally is stopped at night.

2. Name: Fernando A*****i M******a

Citizenship: BoliviaYear
Torture/Abuse Began: 1992
I am being studied by universities of this country as a guinea-pig of Indians by the newness of this technology outpost that much people ignore in countries of third world, are violating my human rights in all its magnitude

3. Name: Rosario H******

Citizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 1996


I'm sending my case summary of my harassment with the symptoms, notspecifying the actual events, since I've been harassed for almost 20years, there's too much that have happened, there for, if you need moreinformation about my testimony just send me an email, and let me know.

I certainly hope some Nations from Europe or for that matter fromanywhere in the world do or start an investigation, since it's alreadyspread worldwide, it wouldn't matter where it begins as long as it comesin the News media of any country or media. United States has to beaccountable for these atrocities, and it has to be done by anInternational Community.

I have been a victim of directed energy weapons, remote harassment, andorganized stalking since 1988. I was targeted by a nurse in Los AngelesCalifornia. I'm originally from Peru (South-America) Living in USA since 1985, I became an American. Started with the stalking of this Sociopath, and scale it to Organized stalking, to Direct energy weapons,to remote harassment, to 24/7 monitoring even in my sleep.

The phenomenon is real. It includes psychological harassment to induce psychosis, isolation, depression, and suicide; physical and emotionalmanipulation; and devastation of financial and social resources.My family is been targeted too, the attacks are ongoing.

The massive ignorance and secrecy is overwhelming, it seems like people enjoy themselves doing these acts of cowardness, the psychologicalwarfare manipulating the masses to participate in this"lynching" is done with the deception that a "batch" of an "authority figure" giving the wrong message to the unaware average citizen, the Program of torture and perversion is very easy accepted by the bystander from the streets, become an instant"slave", which is already explain in the websites (already inthe hundreds,,) that victims are publishing in Internet.

Below is a list of symptoms since my harassment started:

Microwave hearing Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations

Inject words,numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves. Manipulation of emotions. Reading thoughts remotelycausing pain to any nerve of the body.
Remote manipulation of humanbehavior from space.
Harassment.. Suddenly awaken, and kept awake in ahypnosis state. Computer-brain interface, control and communication.
Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities

4. Patricia A. Ki*****

Citizenship: USA
Year Torture/Abuse Began:

I am a target of organized stalking and Directed Energy Weapons tortureand manipulation and have been for decades.I live in the United States.I am an American citizen.These crimes demand an international investigation and the victims cryout for justice.

5. Ruquan G**(Miss)Citizenship:
ChinaYear Torture/Abuse Began: Feb 2002 (Age:19)

I am a Victim of Electronic Harassment/ Mind Control/ Directed EnergyWeapons/ Organized Stalking and Torture.I live in China. My nationality is Chinese. I realized I was attacked onFeb 2002 when I was a student at Senior High School, Grade 3 in Hunan,China. I think it is some scientists from China or other countries that havebeen doing human experiment through satellites to read mind and to studythe human brain. It is a kind of very cruel human experiment.

{Little does she know that it is an International group of elites doing this][That is a public site from which I have copied this information] ==========================================

And this is just 5 from apparently thousands. From the report by Mr. Livingston and those of these victims it is easy to deduce that there must be at least two parallel complimentary systems that are being used.

One lower tech with portable hand held equipment for the street grunts, another much higher-tech a multibillion dollar tag item with possibly satellite-based system ( some think a HAARP based system).

Authentic Christianity and Authentic Spirituality has to engage and prevail over these diabolical Conspirators doing these things. For that was the with full honour, Truth, Justice and Integrity that Jesus walked the face of the Earth with.

A priority, so high so self-evident, He just assumed that all would understand about this. He did not feel the need to go out of His way to even repeatedly preach on this. But some people have talked themselves into associating these activities with Jesus by saying that is why they are doing it. Please stop them.

As a Start to do something check: plus other sites .

Groups have already meet with Congress: UPDATE ON CONGRESSIONAL MEETINGS Meetings were> scheduled in 22 congressional offices in Washington D.C. during the week of June 12, >2006. Meetings were also scheduled in 15 offices last year during the week of October >3, 2005. A total of more than 50 offices responded to our letters about the misuse of >electronic weapons and related technology Congress was asked to start an investigation> and pass new laws.

The Satellite-Based Phased-Array Global Mind-Assault System

The following has been circulating.

The Satellite-based Phased-Array Global Mind-Assault System

Many have deduced as to how a Satellite-based system could work. We have pieced together what we think is a global satellite system used for mind assault attacks, violations of person and privacy, and attacks on our nervous system. I emphasis, this is an envisioned system. We have scant hard evidence, but we know it is in place, for we experience it 24/7/365.

But once we have what we think is a feasible practical model, we will know where to look for the evidence. The outcome of the investigation, if resolved and especiallty if not resolved, will have profound implications for us all. We should allow nothing to stop us from resolving it, and we urge you all to get involved. On a practical level, we all out-number those whose system it is , and more importantly we have right, principle, morality and ethics on our side.

1) The Synopsis

This is the global System under the ownership? and control of the NWO Core Group. It is central to their Tavistock(-like) social conditioning and social manipulation program, amongst other things. Once it has been locked on anyone, say, Bin Laden, they can follow him anywhere he goeson the planet. But it is not being used on Bin Laden, it is being useon...innocent law abiding Constitution upholding citizens.

And to follow Bin Laden, we have a legal procces amply robust to allowfor this. Hence there can be ABSOLUTLY no justifiable arguments for theextra-legal usage of this technology. Its present usage is unconstitutional and immoral. It is so wrong on so many different levels.

The System:

We envision about 70 satellites 120-200 miles up in orbits that givesthe entire system full coverage of the entire planet 24/7 and for anyinstant in time. Each satellite is in continuous linkage to groundstations and to other ( adjacent or near adjacent) satellite. The IRIDIUM SATELLITE SYSTEM as an example of a presently workingsatellite system that can cover the entire glob with under 70satellites.

[ see<> (satellite)

The Iridium satellite constellation is a system of 66 activecommunication satellites with spares in orbit and on the ground. Itallows worldwide voice and data communications using handheld devices.The Iridium network is unique in that it covers the whole earth,including poles, oceans and airways] Hence the envisioned system wouldnot be sci-fi stuff.


What I am talking about is kind of like radar. The orbiting phased array sends out a signal, then picks up and sorts out the return signaland then determine that what they have is a human target. The same"radar beam" ( it is GHZ or terahertz so it is not actually radar) firesneurons, probes your mind etc to determine exactly WHO the target is anddoes the mind assault activity, (v2K, pain-center ,image-to-consciousness ITC etc.)

Let us assume they have the signal on a target. So signals are beingdirected from the satellite to the targets. [ Since it is phased array they can track thousands of targets simultaneously. One pencil thin beam per target. Now , the original technology, upon which I am envision this to be based, was designed to track hundreds of incoming warheads each traveling at about 22,000 mph.. So tracking thousands of human who can travel no more than 650 mph as when flying in a commercial airline, is a comparative piece of cake!]

These signals hit the ( a) target interact with the issue cells etc. ofthe target, and then the frequencies and amplitudes that constitute theincoming signals are altered. This altered incoming signal now becomesthe outgoing signal to be detected by the SQUID detectors on the satellite.

From the rapid computer processing and comparison of sent signal toreceived signal, it can be deduces which tissue are we examining herewhich neurons are we examining here.So they ( or the ground based computer) says:

" We have neurons in theauditory cortex"

The beam is then rapidly intensified, either byincreasing the focus and or the power .

Now there is a phenomenon of physics where if a laser or maser beam is intensified it produces a strong local electric field in the immediate vicinity of the beam. . [See Physics Today, Jan. 1990 pg 22-28 for aultrahigh intensity application of this principle] This electric fieldwould be strong enough to open of close sodium channels on the neuronthen by causing it to fire on not fire depending on the neuron or synapse conditions.

If done with the correct sequence in both time and space you will interpret these excited auditory neurons as; V2K!

"Goal accomplished " they would say.

" Violation of my rights and person", you would say. " I am taking thisto the FBI, the Supreme Court, to the Hague, to the Congressional Oversite person who is supposed to be protecting my rights!" ( Right).

And they continue monitoring the return signals to deduce your "thoughts".We also have what we think are pictures of these satellites/objectstaken from earth using special optical equipment. See<>

But page is down " Bandwidth problem," Yea. Right.

I hope we can get some technical people with resources on this. We as modern societies of laws Constitutions and not whims, need this technology to be fully covered under the law. Every technology has succumbed to this .

We cannot allow, especially this technology, not to so succumb to the LAW. We have people lobbying as the carrot , we must have people on the technology end and on the legal end as the stick. Each prong feeding-off each other and acting in concert with each other. Or else these people with this technology will not budge. The will get worse.

Which next technology will they want to be exempt? Human cloning orbio-engineering? ( The DoD has alrady announced such bio-engineering intentions. ). This is a process that has to be done. We need organized, profession, goal-oriented action. There is so much as stake here.

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The maths indicating that their satellite-based system is possible, is quite compelling.

This is a post I came upon. Notice the items in bold as to the resolution of this X-Band technology. Apply this principle using tera-waves and you get a Human neurons tracking capabilities.

U.S. troops take part
in Israel X-Band radar test By John Vandiver
Stars and StripesEuropean edition,
Monday, April 13, 2009

STUTTGART, Germany U.S. troops took part in a missile defense exercise in Israel last week that for the first time incorporated a U.S.-owned radar system deployed to the country in October.

About 100 Europe-based troops continue to operate the X-Band radar, which is intended to give Israel early warning in the event of a missile launch from Iran .

While its not a permanent assignment for U.S. troops, as long as the radar is in use, U.S. personnel will be there to operate it, U.S. European Command said.

"The actual length of time has not been determined," EUCOM said in a statement. "The U.S. and Israel will continue to monitor the security environment in the region and will base any decisions on radar deployment on a thorough analysis of Israel�s missile defense requirements. We are focused on the mission, not the calendar."

Initially, 120 EUCOM personnel were dispatched in September to set up the Army/Navy Transportable Radar Surveillance system, which was made available at the request of Israelïs government.

A mix of troops and Defense Department contractors manage the day-to-day operation of the radar, which is situated at Nevatim air base in the Negev Desert .
According to the military, the radar is purely defensive and useful against medium- and long-range ballistic missile attacks.

Last Monday, Israel conducted a test of an upgraded version of the Arrow anti-missile system that involved shooting down a rocket that simulated Iranïans Shihab missile. The rocket was shot down off Israelïs coastline. This was the first Israeli test to include the U.S. radar.

"The radar is considered to be one of the most powerful defensive systems available and its performance and the performance of everyone on the U.S. and Israel team are doing exceptionally well in promoting regional security and providing a useful deterrent to any attack," EUCOM stated.

The system is reportedly capable of tracking a baseball-size object from a distance of 2,900 miles.

It is expected to enable Israel to more rapidly activate its missile-defense system in the event of an attack.

2009 Stars and Stripes. All Rights Reserved.

http://www.stripes. com/article. asp?section= 104&article=61999

Now with a new friend-happy design! Try the new Yahoo! Canada Messenger

The technology I speak [see other posts] of that used to track incoming warheads has been publicly stated to be able to track a golf-ball over Seattle staying in Washington DC. That is 2470 miles. Assume the satellites are 120 miles up 2470/120 = 20.6 on a calculator. A golf ball has a diameter of 4.26 cm 42.6 mm.

Move the gulf ball to only 120 miles away you would expect the technology to "see" an even lateral distance even smaller than a golf ball..

So at 120 miles what lateral measurement will give that same ratio of 20.6/42.6/20.6 = 2.1 mm

golf ball/ 2,1mm = 20.6 the same 20.6

Then since we are using radiation of very small wavelength1/millionth of a meter divide this by a factor of 10 -100 say. So we geta distance of .02 mm. The average neuron is about .1mm.

So some roughcalculations gives that the stated technology has the resolution to pick out neurons from 120 miles up ! Much less people.

That is how good the technology is.

But what we need some techies in the underground, making detectors just as in WWII there had to be an underground to prevent tyranny from prevailing.