Tuesday, October 24, 2006

State-Secret Free- Zones/ 1984 Free-Zones

If any one is for real about returning the US the world as we knew it back to its, decent, justice preserving constitutional moorings, these are what we need : State-Secret Free- Zones 1984 Free-Zones

It most be done block by block, till there are contiguous stretches, whole cities that have declared themselves to be State-Secret Free-Zones/ 1984 Free-Zones.

If you know a TI ( A person targeted with neuron assaulting technologies)that is Internationally known to be a TI, start there. That should the first item , freely and openly talked about in that State-secret Free-zone that 1984 Free Zone.

God did not tell Bush 41 to do any such thing.Bush 41 for his own agendas took it upon himself to victimize the poor, isolated innocent. An M.O. Jesus, the Scriptures did not present any instructions or examples of ministries based upon cruelty to other people, much less innocent people.

State-Secret Free- Zones/ 1984 Free-Zones that is the start of the fix to what we all know is going on and going wrong .


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