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The Satellite-Based Phased-Array Global Mind-Assault System

The following has been circulating.

The Satellite-based Phased-Array Global Mind-Assault System

Many have deduced as to how a Satellite-based system could work. We have pieced together what we think is a global satellite system used for mind assault attacks, violations of person and privacy, and attacks on our nervous system. I emphasis, this is an envisioned system. We have scant hard evidence, but we know it is in place, for we experience it 24/7/365.

But once we have what we think is a feasible practical model, we will know where to look for the evidence. The outcome of the investigation, if resolved and especiallty if not resolved, will have profound implications for us all. We should allow nothing to stop us from resolving it, and we urge you all to get involved. On a practical level, we all out-number those whose system it is , and more importantly we have right, principle, morality and ethics on our side.

1) The Synopsis

This is the global System under the ownership? and control of the NWO Core Group. It is central to their Tavistock(-like) social conditioning and social manipulation program, amongst other things. Once it has been locked on anyone, say, Bin Laden, they can follow him anywhere he goeson the planet. But it is not being used on Bin Laden, it is being useon...innocent law abiding Constitution upholding citizens.

And to follow Bin Laden, we have a legal procces amply robust to allowfor this. Hence there can be ABSOLUTLY no justifiable arguments for theextra-legal usage of this technology. Its present usage is unconstitutional and immoral. It is so wrong on so many different levels.

The System:

We envision about 70 satellites 120-200 miles up in orbits that givesthe entire system full coverage of the entire planet 24/7 and for anyinstant in time. Each satellite is in continuous linkage to groundstations and to other ( adjacent or near adjacent) satellite. The IRIDIUM SATELLITE SYSTEM as an example of a presently workingsatellite system that can cover the entire glob with under 70satellites.

[ see<> (satellite)

The Iridium satellite constellation is a system of 66 activecommunication satellites with spares in orbit and on the ground. Itallows worldwide voice and data communications using handheld devices.The Iridium network is unique in that it covers the whole earth,including poles, oceans and airways] Hence the envisioned system wouldnot be sci-fi stuff.


What I am talking about is kind of like radar. The orbiting phased array sends out a signal, then picks up and sorts out the return signaland then determine that what they have is a human target. The same"radar beam" ( it is GHZ or terahertz so it is not actually radar) firesneurons, probes your mind etc to determine exactly WHO the target is anddoes the mind assault activity, (v2K, pain-center ,image-to-consciousness ITC etc.)

Let us assume they have the signal on a target. So signals are beingdirected from the satellite to the targets. [ Since it is phased array they can track thousands of targets simultaneously. One pencil thin beam per target. Now , the original technology, upon which I am envision this to be based, was designed to track hundreds of incoming warheads each traveling at about 22,000 mph.. So tracking thousands of human who can travel no more than 650 mph as when flying in a commercial airline, is a comparative piece of cake!]

These signals hit the ( a) target interact with the issue cells etc. ofthe target, and then the frequencies and amplitudes that constitute theincoming signals are altered. This altered incoming signal now becomesthe outgoing signal to be detected by the SQUID detectors on the satellite.

From the rapid computer processing and comparison of sent signal toreceived signal, it can be deduces which tissue are we examining herewhich neurons are we examining here.So they ( or the ground based computer) says:

" We have neurons in theauditory cortex"

The beam is then rapidly intensified, either byincreasing the focus and or the power .

Now there is a phenomenon of physics where if a laser or maser beam is intensified it produces a strong local electric field in the immediate vicinity of the beam. . [See Physics Today, Jan. 1990 pg 22-28 for aultrahigh intensity application of this principle] This electric fieldwould be strong enough to open of close sodium channels on the neuronthen by causing it to fire on not fire depending on the neuron or synapse conditions.

If done with the correct sequence in both time and space you will interpret these excited auditory neurons as; V2K!

"Goal accomplished " they would say.

" Violation of my rights and person", you would say. " I am taking thisto the FBI, the Supreme Court, to the Hague, to the Congressional Oversite person who is supposed to be protecting my rights!" ( Right).

And they continue monitoring the return signals to deduce your "thoughts".We also have what we think are pictures of these satellites/objectstaken from earth using special optical equipment. See<>

But page is down " Bandwidth problem," Yea. Right.

I hope we can get some technical people with resources on this. We as modern societies of laws Constitutions and not whims, need this technology to be fully covered under the law. Every technology has succumbed to this .

We cannot allow, especially this technology, not to so succumb to the LAW. We have people lobbying as the carrot , we must have people on the technology end and on the legal end as the stick. Each prong feeding-off each other and acting in concert with each other. Or else these people with this technology will not budge. The will get worse.

Which next technology will they want to be exempt? Human cloning orbio-engineering? ( The DoD has alrady announced such bio-engineering intentions. ). This is a process that has to be done. We need organized, profession, goal-oriented action. There is so much as stake here.


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