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The maths indicating that their satellite-based system is possible, is quite compelling.

This is a post I came upon. Notice the items in bold as to the resolution of this X-Band technology. Apply this principle using tera-waves and you get a Human neurons tracking capabilities.

U.S. troops take part
in Israel X-Band radar test By John Vandiver
Stars and StripesEuropean edition,
Monday, April 13, 2009

STUTTGART, Germany U.S. troops took part in a missile defense exercise in Israel last week that for the first time incorporated a U.S.-owned radar system deployed to the country in October.

About 100 Europe-based troops continue to operate the X-Band radar, which is intended to give Israel early warning in the event of a missile launch from Iran .

While its not a permanent assignment for U.S. troops, as long as the radar is in use, U.S. personnel will be there to operate it, U.S. European Command said.

"The actual length of time has not been determined," EUCOM said in a statement. "The U.S. and Israel will continue to monitor the security environment in the region and will base any decisions on radar deployment on a thorough analysis of Israel�s missile defense requirements. We are focused on the mission, not the calendar."

Initially, 120 EUCOM personnel were dispatched in September to set up the Army/Navy Transportable Radar Surveillance system, which was made available at the request of Israelïs government.

A mix of troops and Defense Department contractors manage the day-to-day operation of the radar, which is situated at Nevatim air base in the Negev Desert .
According to the military, the radar is purely defensive and useful against medium- and long-range ballistic missile attacks.

Last Monday, Israel conducted a test of an upgraded version of the Arrow anti-missile system that involved shooting down a rocket that simulated Iranïans Shihab missile. The rocket was shot down off Israelïs coastline. This was the first Israeli test to include the U.S. radar.

"The radar is considered to be one of the most powerful defensive systems available and its performance and the performance of everyone on the U.S. and Israel team are doing exceptionally well in promoting regional security and providing a useful deterrent to any attack," EUCOM stated.

The system is reportedly capable of tracking a baseball-size object from a distance of 2,900 miles.

It is expected to enable Israel to more rapidly activate its missile-defense system in the event of an attack.

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http://www.stripes. com/article. asp?section= 104&article=61999

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The technology I speak [see other posts] of that used to track incoming warheads has been publicly stated to be able to track a golf-ball over Seattle staying in Washington DC. That is 2470 miles. Assume the satellites are 120 miles up 2470/120 = 20.6 on a calculator. A golf ball has a diameter of 4.26 cm 42.6 mm.

Move the gulf ball to only 120 miles away you would expect the technology to "see" an even lateral distance even smaller than a golf ball..

So at 120 miles what lateral measurement will give that same ratio of 20.6/42.6/20.6 = 2.1 mm

golf ball/ 2,1mm = 20.6 the same 20.6

Then since we are using radiation of very small wavelength1/millionth of a meter divide this by a factor of 10 -100 say. So we geta distance of .02 mm. The average neuron is about .1mm.

So some roughcalculations gives that the stated technology has the resolution to pick out neurons from 120 miles up ! Much less people.

That is how good the technology is.

But what we need some techies in the underground, making detectors just as in WWII there had to be an underground to prevent tyranny from prevailing.


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